Size5 Days10 Days
13 yards$325.00$360.00
16 yards$375.00$399.00
20 yards$400.00$435.00

Price includes:

  • Pickup & Delivery

  • Unlimited Weight

  • Disposal Fees

Asphalt, shingles, concrete, stone, brick, hardfill and blacktop will constitute additional fees.

Household waste:
All furniture including mattresses, box springs, tables, dressers, bookcases, TV stands, carpeting, chairs, couches, old appliances – large and small, books, cardboard, garbage bags, toilets, old vanities, etc.

Construction waste:
Sheetrock, wood, shingles and roofing debris, gutters, downspouts, all demolition debris, concrete, stone, bricks, blocks, old doors, windows, glass, plumbing and heating materials – including old furnaces and water tanks

We also take:
Old lawnmowers, rototillers, snowblowers, etc.
Yard waste, leaves, brush, mulch, grass clippings, tree limbs, old firewood, plants and any garden refuse

We cannot accept the following hazardous items by law:
Medical waste, propane tanks, fuel tanks, any items including Asbestos, and chemicals.

Additional charges will be applied for these items:

  • TVs, computers, electronics $25.00

  • Microwaves $5.50

  • Refrigerator, air conditioner, humidifier $15.00

  • Tires up to 20″ in diameter $7.00

  • Old paint cans $4.00 each

  • Matresses $15.00

  • Flourescent bulbs/ballast $1.50 each

All additional fee items can be picked up without dumpster rental.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Ask about our discounts for seniors, military and first responders.